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  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,577
    In the centre of a chain of mountains on the border, with deep and meditative forests covering the slopes, we find the land of Bohemia, strewn with the silver coins of lakes and criss-crossed with the threads of rivers, or rippling with undulating high...
  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,555
    West of Prague lies one of the symbols and landmarks of the Czech Republic, the majestic Karlštejn Castle, built of stone, which is the pride of Czech Gothic craftsmanship. It is as if Time itself was sitting in the corner, not daring to disturb the ai...
  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,595
    In the arcades of the Renaissance houses on Litomyšl square, warm air shimmers lazily. Litomyšl is a white pearl in a Renaissance necklace. The majestic complex of historical houses, churches, and cloisters is topped off with a lovely chateau, where th...
  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,572
    The Krkonoše Mountains are the highest Czech mountain range. From every perspective, whether looking up from the foothills or down from a birds eye perspective, the panorama of the Krkonoše Mountains is magnificent. Their individual peaks are unmistake...
  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,559
    South Moravia is truly a wine lover’s paradise. You’ll find many places here to taste the wine and spend time in a wine cellar. The region is laced with wine cycling trails that tie into neighbouring Austria. Explore a region of monuments and wine, pas...