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  • Date: 07/02/2015
    Views: 1,376
    You don’t have to be a cute animal to show the world how to “Be Together. Not the Same.” But it definitely helps. Find out more about Android at: Discover more about Android by following us on: Google+:
  • Date: 07/02/2015
    Views: 1,546
    This interactive kinetic installation combines a vacuum cleaner powered pneumatic tube transport with a small sized ball pit. You can read more it on my website: I made this installation for SPIELTRIE...
  • Date: 28/01/2015
    Views: 1,367
    This is my animation Thesis Film done during my time at the Academy of Art University 2010. :) Bridge is a story about four animal characters trying to cross a bridge, but ending up as obstacles to one another in the process. The moral behind this stor...
  • Date: 26/01/2015
    Views: 1,568
    TFO produit et diffuse des contenus média éducatifs et culturels en français. Abonnez-vous à notre chaîne Youtube pour être avertis à chaque publication dune nouvelle vidéo. Visitez également notre site Vous aimez cette vidéo? Partag...
  • Date: 05/01/2015
    Views: 1,371 Today is Press Day here at CES 2015. That means CNET will be bringing you the latest news from big-name press conferences all day long, starting at 8 a.m. PT with LG Electronics. Panasonic, Dish, Toyota, Samsung and many others ...
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