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  • Date: 13/07/2016
    Views: 1,452
    A Czech anarcho-capitalist politician founds his own tax haven on the Danube river. A documentary film about ‪Liberland‬. Directed and shot by Filip Rojík, Petr Salaba
  • Date: 07/04/2016
    Views: 1,394
    Tooth brushes? In rural Kenya, most people have never heard of them. Yet their teeth are very white, how is this possible? Our correspondent Carren shows how these villagers continuously brush their teeth with twigs. Because tooth paste... that just st...
  • Date: 28/03/2016
    Views: 1,372
    From Greek independence in 1830 to the advent of the Turkish Republic in 1923, this two part series details the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire which planted the seeds of contemporary conflicts. An exciting journey across the pages of history. Second...
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