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  • Date: 24/02/2015
    Views: 1,556
    Swissminiatur Family Theme Park - SWITZERLAND IN MINIATURE! If you want to have an overview of Switzerland and spend a nice time in a wonderful region, dont miss Swissminiatur, an exciting place and a must see attraction fo...
  • Date: 24/02/2015
    Views: 1,576
    Ferries to Greece: Thessaloniki, Thessalonica, or Salonica is the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of Macedonia. Its honorific title is Συμпρωτεύουσα (Symprotévousa), literally co-capital, a reference to its histo...
  • Date: 24/02/2015
    Views: 1,572
    The Dolomites are a section of the Alps. They are located for the most part in the province of Belluno, the rest in the provinces of Bolzano-Bozen and Trento (all in north-eastern Italy). Conventionally they extend from the River Adige in the west to t...