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  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,617
  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,626
    We will introduce you to the story of Czech Republic through the eyes of tourists spending their holidays here - a married couple from Latin America, a German family, a group of female friends from Russia, a group of friends from the United States and ...
  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,652
    CZECH THE LIGHT is the unique cultural project of CzechTourism. It is a series of cultural events, the light art of which is going to illumine historical towns and cities in the Czech Republic. Its ambition is to inspirit the public space and the UNESC...
  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,657
    Prague Astronomical Clock Video mapping
  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,700
    In the centre of a chain of mountains on the border, with deep and meditative forests covering the slopes, we find the land of Bohemia, strewn with the silver coins of lakes and criss-crossed with the threads of rivers, or rippling with undulating high...
  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,631
    The Czech Republic new TV ad. A friendly guide will introduce you to the story of Czech Republic through the eyes of a group of friends from the United States. The guide, who finds a forgotten camcorder on Pragues waterfront, becomes witness to the fou...
  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,653
    Golf spot from Czech Republic
  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,641
  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,381
    Have you known that the Detektiv Downs story was shot in Prague? Bard Breien and Svein André Hofsø Myhre (Robert Bogerud) will tell you what is going to happen if you visit the Czech Republic! More at
  • Date: 26/11/2014
    Views: 1,748
    Walking through this city now means being a part ofall the magic and mystery of its past. Pragues atmosphere is unmatched by that of any other city in the world. The list of all its monuments,museums, galleries, amazing spots and buildings, even in its...